1. Before commencing play all golfers are asked to register at the reception and pay the green fee.

  2. Members of the Club are also obligated to register at the reception before commencing the play.

  3. Players present on the golf course without registration will have to pay penalty equal 50% of the green fee from given day. (Members of the Club are included)

  4. Green fee must be paid before starting the game.

  5. Each player must have a set of golf clubs.

  6. Players must wear golf shoes and comply with dresscode.

  7. Driving range balls are not allowed on the golf course.

  8. Golfers must follow USGA and R&A regulations.

  9. Dogs are not allowed on the Golf Course.



II. The land outside the border area:

The area outside of any fence or a line marked by the white stakes limits the area of play. Reg.27.


III.Signs on the Golf Course:

1. Red with green stakes: 100 m from the center of the greens.

2. Yellow with green stakes: 150 m from the center of the greens.

3. White with green stakes: 200 m from the center of the greens.

4. Blue with green stakes: 250 m from the center of the greens.

5. Yellow with red stakes: water obstacles.


IV. Young trees protection

If a tree with a height less than two lengths of a club interferes with the player position or intended swing, the ball must be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure.

Reg. 24-2b

Ground under repair:

- Locations marked with blue stakes.

- Dug or G.U.R. around newly planted trees.


V. Please:

1. Repair your ball marks on the green

2. Always rake sand bunkers after hitting

3. Repair your divots in the fairway

4. Do not repair divots on Tee boxes

GorkoGolf Management



    1. Range balls are available only at the designated area.
    2. While using Driving Range please be careful not to hit anybody with club or ball.
    3. Keep safe distance from people that are practicing while walking by the range bays.
    4. It is not allowed to pick up balls on the Driving Range.
    5. It is not allowed to disturb other practicing people.

    6. Children are not allowed to enter the Driving Range without parents or an Instructor/ Trainer.
    7. Club does not take responsibility for equipment left on the Driving Range or in front of the Club House.
    8. Please return empty baskets to the designated area.

    9. No unauthorized coaching is allowed. Only Instructors form GG&CC are licensed to teach on the premises. Golfers are reminded not to engage unlicensed person to provide golf lessons on the premises. Any lessons / demonstrations conducted by other golf professionals must be aproved by the managment.

    10. Golf Club is not liable or responsible for any damage that may incure as a result of noncomplience use of the Golf Course, Driving Range or other devices wich are arranged by “Agroturystyka – Gorko”.

    11 . Hitting range balls outside the borders of the Driving Range may result in player expulsion from the Driving Range facility.
    12. Driving range balls are not allowed on the golf course.

    13. Breaking any of the rules will lead to penalty of 100PLN and one month expulsion from GG&CC facilities.

    14. Please comply with golf etiquette.

    GorkoGolf Management

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